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Daniel Stalp Consulting, Inc. | Kansas City & Overland Park, KS | 913-451-1760 |

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Need A Speaker?

Dan Stalp

Transformational Speaker & Sales Expert

Whether living life significantly, having an attitude of gratitude, or being the best sales professional possible—once Dan has inspired you to want more—he gives wise, practical advice on how to get more.

Keynote and Seminar Topics Include:

  • "Career Significance"
  • "Break the Rules and Close More Sales"
  • "The Power of Gratitude"
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Break The Rules

This session explores why having too many prospects in your sales pipeline can actually hurt you. You will also discover how to break the pattern of traditional sales to get more of the truth and better qualify each sales call.

The Power of Gratitude

This interactive session explores why some people have more gratitude in their lives than others. Knowing why having more gratitude is healthy, leads to the reflective question, "How do I get more gratitude in my life?"

Living a Life of Significance

Dan Stalp speaking on the subject, "Success to Significance." This session explores the difference between living a successful life versus a significant life.

Dan Stalp's Presentation for More Floods

This is a unique video of Dan speaking at a national flood/water conference without any sound!

Career Significance

Dan Stalp speaking on the subject, "Career Significance." This session explores how what you wanted to be as a child is often tied to your career significance.

The Reunion & Another Reunion

Featured in the movie A Long Way Off.

"Four people return to their small Kansas town for their 20-year high school reunion, not knowing what to expect. What they found was a new appreciation of who they are, where they came from, and where they are going."

Book Cover
Another Reunion